Ivoclar Vivadent

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Viteo Base

Viteo Base is a titanium bonding base for single tooth restorations. The special Soft-edge Design design of the bonding surface is ideally suited to the Ivoclar Vivadent restoration materials and therefore supports long-term clinical use. The connection between the titanium bonding base and the implant has been certified and coordinated with the most commonly used implant systems.

Soft-edge Design reduces tension
When the restoration is subjected to stress or tension, the rounded design of the bonding surface, without edges and rotation pins, allows a uniform distribution of force - comparable to the design of a framework with veneering materials. The result: The tensile or compressive stress on the titanium base is evenly distributed. (Excessive) stress in selective areas is avoided. This reduces the risk of fractures.

Adjustable abutment height ensures ideal support of materials
Implants are often inserted at the bone level, so that the vertical distance to the antagonist tooth is increased. In this case, the titanium bonding base, with its long abutment height, ideally supports the restoration material. With a shorter vertical distance, a shorter shaft height is advantageous. Viteo Base can be shortened from 6 to 4 mm. A laser marking on the shaft indicates the minimum permissible height. The shaft height can be altered according to each individual clinical situation. Viteo Base provides maximum flexibility and ideally supports the restoration material.


  • Implant-retained single-tooth restorations