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ProArt CAD Wax yellow

The process-supporting ProArt CAD discs serve to transform conventional working steps in the laboratory into entirely digital processes. The dimensionally stable polymer and wax discs are easy to mill. As CAD/CAM auxiliary materials, they cover a wide range of indications. The different ProArt CAD wax discs form the basis for detailed and accurate objects in dental technology.

ProArt CAD Wax yellow
is used for the press technique. The wax is specifically designed to suit the lithium disilicate glass-ceramic IPS e.max Press. The smooth surfaces allow for precise results with a high accuracy of fit. The material burns out without leaving a residue and combines well with the ProArt modelling and cervical waxes.

The benefits of ProArt CAD materials:

Increased machine utilization
The wax discs are easy to mill and streamline the fabrication of wax objects. Machine utilization can be increased as a result.

Less rework
The milled objects are distinguished by their smooth surfaces. The pressed or cast restorations have a high surface quality, and this reduces the reworking time.


  • Burn-out restorations for the press technique