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ProArt CAD Wax pink

ProArt CAD Wax are wax discs. The CAD/CAM auxiliary materials serve to support various processes and cover a broad range of indications. The different waxes form the basis for detailed and accurate objects in dental technology. The discs are easy to mill and have a high degree of stability.

ProArt CAD Wax pink
is used to create wax try-ins and individual wax bite rims in complete denture prosthetics. The discs can also be used for conventional finishing procedures in injection and pressing techniques – the ability to boil out for wax removal makes this possible.

The benefits of ProArt CAD materials:

Increase machine utilization
Millable wax discs facilitate the fabrication of wax patterns and optimize machine utilization.

Less rework
The milled objects are distinguished by their smooth surfaces. The restorations have a high surface quality, and this reduces the reworking time.


  • Wax bite rims and functional try-in