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IvoBase CAD

The denture base material for the digital denture

IvoBase CAD are PMMA discs for the production of denture bases.

The 30-mm thick IvoBase CAD discs are available in the four basic shades of Pink, Pink-V, Preference and 34-V. The shade concept matches Ivoclar Vivadent’s denture base material. This covers the most popular shade requirements. Great esthetics can be achieved through individual characterization with SR Nexco.

The PMMA material is distinguished by its high impact quality. This enhances the fracture resistance and increases the longevity of the denture for the patient. The industrial manufacturing process ensures a homogeneous material quality. There are no porosities or air bubbles in the material, which ensures a high quality denture base.


  • Denture bases in removable denture prosthetics (digital dentures)