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This product forms a part of the Direct Restoratives product category.

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Tetric EvoFlow Bulk Fill

Flowable bulk-fill composite complements the successful Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill

In essence, Tetric EvoFlow Bulk Fill is based on the chemistry of Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill. Tetric EvoFlow Bulk Fill is applied as a bulk-fill base in Class I and Class II restorations. Just like Tetric Evo Ceram Bulk Fill, it can be cured in large increments of up to 4 mm, while requiring only short light exposure times. Excellent affinity to cavity walls and self-levelling consistency are additional benefits of this volume replacement material.

Ivocerin light initiator and Aessencio technology

The decisive strength of the new flowable composite lies in the specially developed Aessencio technology. In combination with the patented Ivocerin light initiator, this technology enables composite increments up to a thickness of 4 mm to be cured. At the same time, a low, dentin-like translucency can be maintained, which, among other things, allows tooth discolouration to be effectively masked. The result is a particularly natural-looking, esthetic restoration.

Tetric EvoFlow Bulk Fill is thus the ideal complement to Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill, which features an enamel-like translucency. Both composites come in the universal shades IVA, IVB und IVW and provide an ideal blend of esthetics and efficiency, while also addressing the issue of shrinkage stress.


  • Increments of up to 4 mm
  • Dentin-like or enamel-like volume replacement
  • 10 seconds (>1000 mW/cm2)
  • Time savings of 47% compared to the conventional technique*

* compared to Tetric EvoFlow and Tetric EvoCeram. Data available on request.